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Find your freedom

Via Zoom or in Person

Using quick & easy tools to get to the core of issues, to transform & resolve. Sessions either online or in person in Alsager, Cheshire

Heart to Heart

Caroline is qualified & experienced to help you feel safe and able to work through your experiences in a gentle way

Get Where You Want

Quickly and efficiently clear whatever is holding you back so you can lead the life you know you can achieve

Matrix ReImprinting

Do bad memories that play over and over serve you any purpose?  Whilst we can not deny what has happened we do not have to keep living it, and with MR we can learn, heal and move on. Even if it seems impossible!


Emotional Freedom Technique uses gentle tapping of several acupuncture points along with mindfulness to release stress and trauma from the body allowing the body-mind to return to a healthier physical and mental state.

EFT Online

Sitting in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, you could be English-speaking and in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, Americas or anywhere in the world when you have your session via Skype! Or if you are in Cheshire or Staffordshire, then my treatment room in Alsager will be a cosy sanctuary.

EFT and MR online image

EFT and Matrix ReImprinting: direct to you worldwide online via Zoom or Skype